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New Paintings!

Shape Shifting

Love does crazy things! After a ten year hiatus, I am painting again. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them…

Margaret D Kruger

Copyright August 2020

All rights reserved 

Sarasota FL 34238

Gypsy Tarot

New Release

A swashbuckling tale of intrigue and suspense, The Gypsy Tarot follows Olive Cooper in the search for her abducted adult son by traffickers throughout India and Southeast Asia. The kidnappers attempt to murder Olive's son and sieze her granddaughter who posesses extraordinary powers. As Olive unravels the mystery of her son's disappearance, connects with her granddaughter, and takes an Indian Oracle as a lover, she finally hides in Sarasota Florida in plain sight, as her son brings the evil cartel to a violent end.


A Point in Time: Short Essays


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Galapagos: A Novella


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Available online through select retailers

Will Write For Hire

Pricing varies. Adventures including but not limited to:
Aviation, travel, cooking, lifestyle, and aging.

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